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Oh hello.
My name is miss ong!.
-dance instructor.
-loves dancing/marital arts.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

opps.. long time didnt came in..
suddenly have the urge to blog.
everyday seems so busy for me.

what's love?
i felt kinda sad after knowing
frens of mine broke up and now
so depress!

gave baby a surprise advance gift
a genting trip that i plan..
is time to acc him.
somehow i felt neglect him.
but im so tired after each day.

what is compromise?
how is it going to work?
if it easy why is there still quarrel and break up?
really got confused!

Monday, November 23, 2009

long time didnt blog already.
quite alot of things to do recently.
been busy with working.
sigh cause of tis job i cant enjoy my holiday with
him and my loved ones.
i felt rather sian and really misses alot of them.
my dancemates whom we share all festival together,
my buddies whom we used to go out with.
i really misses dancing alot. how i wish i will turn back the clock
and go back to the days where i keep on dancing and studying.

had this intention of going back to study. sigh.
really misses those days!

did apply for a few jobs but none call back.hais
am i going to stuck in mac forever!!!

got to work almost everyday in dec. shit!
i hate it!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

miss ong is sick and alrdy mc for 3days yet
not recovering and more worse.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorry for everything.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

hi peeps!

sorry for not updating.
well life's not easy for me for the past few weeks.
had alot of problems n yeah my health was affected.
my chest muscles was injured due to stress and asthma
came back to look for me too.
went to see doctor and he gave me such a strong medicine.
he ask me to rest well which hmm i don think i can too.
shall not talk about it too..
too long to said though.
miss ong is putting her mess back slowly,
hope that things can continue to goes smoothly like for todae.


like what nizal said maybe after today tp test everythings will
slowly change for the better and it mark a good start.
i'm really happy to know those peoples in my life,
advice me when i really need help.
And lend me their ears when i needed.

i ought to thanks those instructors whom really help me alot.
somehow i really misses the time spend in ssdc.

anyway im really lost,
don't know whom should i listen to?
so many people telling me all the same things.
i felt so stress and tired of all those nonesenes that he gave.
i want to put down everythings and just leave but i know i cant.
i felt like avoiding everythings n my life,running away from it.
but i know i got to face it.
i hate it.
miss ong just want to leave spore for a break,
why cant people understand and misunderstand.
i need all of your supports.
i felt so tired.
restless of everythings.
sick and tired of going to rvm to work and face those bullshit people.
sick and tired of picking up calls and sms that made me go into depression.
tired of waiting for someone i love.
tired of working all day long.

why i like riding on bike is because,
when the wind hit my face i felt so relax,
speeding up make me so relax and all my troubles
went off with the wind.
guess only those people who like bikes will know how i feels.

Friday, August 14, 2009

damn! wat's wrong man
blogger sux!

ok tis few days reali happen alot of things to mi.
i was so so down..
i realise how ppl changes so damn fast
within a "click" they change 360degree to another person.
damn it!
was reali sad lar of losing ppl in my life.
sometimes i'm wondering i did so much to help them
i didnt gain a single thing bt i still went over my limit
just to deliver e promise i made to them bt they just dont
maybe lyk mel sae i'm way to gd n stupid to help them.
i felt so angry n sad, lucky i gt mel n darling with mi,
at tt point of time i was so low felt so lost when so much things
crash onto mi.
at tt point of time i nearly went crazy,
i thx to all those who hurts mi, u all made mi grow up.
i thx those who stand by mi and give mi encouragement when i'm down
u guys brought mi laughter and warmth.

i seriously know tt promise is meant to be broken.
u did ensure mi tt e sentence was a lie i believed,
ended up u still left..
it was so much blow to mi at that point of time,
u didnt noe tt how much i was hurts and how stress i was
at tt point of time.
i gt so damn lots of works to b undone and nid yr acc, bt
u were nt there.
giving excuses and stuffs make my heart cold.
seeing all my surrounding frens and their loved one so happy
make mi reali envy them make mi yearn to hv tt kind of love.
in the past we used to be lidat n ppl envy us,bt as times goes by,
both of us changed.
give in too much make mi restless n tired to walk on.
i seriously is v scare of lonely, bt u left mi to face with it.
last tym i'm way to dependent on u..i culd sae tt i cant live without u,
bt i learnt my lesson.. trying my best to walk on my own.
everytym u sae break is so easy.
there's times i try to hold bck , change myself just for u forcing myself
to do things i don lyk just to make u happy.
bt ended up u dont appreciate.i cried almost every night to slp.
surrounding frens were so worried bt i told myself i gt to move on,
darling did told mi tis...
it's hurtfully for mi to let go, bt i gt to. i'm way too tired to go on..
i did so much yt things still e same..
u told mi tt u finally noe si que le cai dong de zhen xi
bt to mi i feel so stupid,
last tym we broke before bt u still don bother
and nw went i reali left then u wan to treasure..
sigh.. rls is reali a headache issues..
now i'm wearing a fake mask to cover all of my unhappiness..
anyone is there to stand by mi?

Monday, August 03, 2009

been quite sad for tis few days
recently been so busy for performances
and meetings..
endless jobs for mi..
bt i gt to survive..
gt to go take a break le.
planning to go redang with my fren.
gt to work hard nw!!
chiong my wrk agn for tis few wks..

love cn b so simple bt
love on the other hand cn be so complicated.
miss ong just wan a simple rls, tt's all
bt is so hard to find.
i'm so exhausted.